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Benefit Summary

The Essential Worker Healthcare Trust’s plan is designed with the help of long-term care workers. These new healthcare plan options have been designed to provide the care you and your family need with:

  • Lower monthly premium payment for employee and dependent coverage
  • Free preventive care, like regular checkups
  • Free generic drugs
  • Lower deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs

Most workers can choose between two healthcare plans

Many long-term care workers will have a choice of two programs: an HMO through Kaiser Permanente and traditional coverage using the Regence PPO network. If you choose Kaiser Permanente, you must use Kaiser Permanente healthcare providers for your services to be covered. There are Kaiser Permanente facilities in or near the following counties: Clackamas, Columbia, Lane, Linn, Marion, Multnomah, Polk, Washington, and Yamhill.

If you live outside the Kaiser Permanente service area, or choose not to enroll in Kaiser Permanente, you can enroll in coverage through the Regence PPO. For your services to be fully covered at the maximum benefit level with the Regence PPO, you must use healthcare providers in the Regence network.


Plans at a Glance

Both plans cover the same kinds of services, with the same costs to you when you need care—but how they work is different.

You can view our Terms to Know to learn more about the language used to describe these plans.


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Kaiser Permanente service area

Workers in the Kaiser Permanente service area have a choice of two plans: Kaiser Permanente or Regence.

Kaiser Service Area - Oregon and Washington

How to Enroll

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Contact Information

Trust office

(833) 389-0027

Reasons to contact the Trust office:

  • Customer Service/Eligibility/Enrollment 
  • Submit claims 
  • Questions about your claims 
Regence PPO

(866) 240-9580

Reasons to contact Regence PPO:

  • Find a care provider
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Questions about switching from another plan 
  • Questions about your ID cards 
  • Replace lost ID cards
OptumRx, Inc.

(844) 368-0083

Reasons to contact OptumRx:

  • Find a pharmacy near you
  • What drugs are covered under your plan
  • How to enroll in maintenance drugs
Kaiser Permanente HMO


Reasons to contact Kaiser Permanente:

  • Find a care provider 
  • Schedule an appointment 
  • Questions about switching from another plan 
  • Questions about your ID cards 
  • Replace lost ID cards 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Terms to Know

Learn some of the “language” of  healthcare coverage here.