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Who is eligible for coverage under the Trust?

You are eligible for coverage under the Trust if you:

  • are a staff employee of a participating employer (Avamere, Prestige Care, Inc., Couve Healthcare (formerly known as Evergreen or EmpRes Healthcare Management), Sapphire or Dakavia, Healthcare Services Group, Arete, Oregon Supportive Living Program, Addaus Healthcare Inc, Alvord-Taylor Inc)
  • work 30 hours or more in a workweek and
  • are considered full time by your employer.

If you are currently eligible for benefits through your employer, you are automatically eligible for benefits through the Trust.

Eligible dependents include your:

  • Spouse or state-registered domestic partner
  • Child(ren) under age 26, without regard to marital, financial, or student status
  • Unmarried child(ren) age 26 or older, if dependent on you for support and medically certified as disabled, provided that the disability began before age 26.
Do I need to provide proof of eligibility for dependents I enroll with?

Yes, but not at the time you enroll. You will get notices in the mail, asking you to provide documentation verifying your dependents’ eligibility and their relationship to you. 

How do I provide proof of eligibility for my dependents?
Follow the directions on the Dependent Eligibility and Verification Audit letter you receive in the mail from the Essential Worker Healthcare Trust.
  • For a spouse: You will need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate. If you are no longer married to a spouse who is currently enrolled, you must also submit a copy of your divorce decree(s) for any prior spouse(s).
  • For children: You will need to submit a copy of the birth certificates, adoption decrees, legal guardianship orders, Qualified Medical Child Support Orders, and/or parenting plans (if applicable). If your child is married, you must also include a copy of the child’s marriage certificate.
Who can I contact for questions about dependent eligibility verification?


How do I sign up for healthcare coverage?

If you are a new employee or have had a qualifying life event (e.g., birth of a child, marriage, loss of other medical coverage), your supervisor, human resources department, or benefits staff can help you enroll.

When will my coverage begin?

Your coverage begins on the first of the month after you enroll. 

Will I be able to make changes to my coverage throughout the year?

There are two times you can make changes to your coverage, such as changing plans or adding or removing a dependent:

  • Open enrollment, which will take place each November. Changes made during open enrollment take effect the following January 1.
  • A qualifying life event such as a birth, adoption, marriage, death, divorce, or change in eligibility (like moving from less than 30 hours a week to more than 30 hours a week). If you have a midyear qualifying life event, you must make changes within 30 days of the event. Your coverage change will be effective as of the first of the month following the date of the life event (for birth, adoption, or placement for adoption, the change is effective as of the date of the event).

Benefit Details

What is the Essential Workforce Health Care Trust?

SEIU Local 503 and participating long-term care employers in the State of Oregon have come together to form the Essential Worker Healthcare Trust to provide new affordable and high-quality options for medical coverage in 2023.

  • The Trust sponsors these plans, making important decisions about program benefits and premiums.
  • A third-party administrator helps the Trust with day-to-day administrative processes like managing member eligibility and more.
  • Regence – The PPO plan uses the Regence medical provider network and Regence processes PPO plan claims on behalf of the Trust.
  • OptumRx– The Trust contracts with OptumRx to provide PPO plan prescription drug benefits and programs.
  • Kaiser Permanente – The Trust’s HMO plan is provided through Kaiser Permanente (medical and prescription drugs).
How can I see if my provider will be covered on one of the new plans or find a primary care provider?

The new coverage offers two plans. The Regence Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and a Kaiser plan.
The Regence PPO plan covers providers across the country, but you will pay much less if you see an in-network provider.

To find a network provider for the Regence PPO plan, visit

    1. Click “Find a doctor.”
    2. Enter “Preferred Network” for the “Network name.”
    3. Search by provider type, name, location, and more.

With the Kaiser plan, only Kaiser providers are covered (with a few limited exceptions).

To find a Kaiser provider visit and select “Oregon / SW Washington” as your region at the top right of the page. Then, click on “Doctors & Locations.”

Contact Information

Where can I learn more about this coverage and who can I contact with questions?

For specific questions, please see who to call below.

For enrolling, eligibility, and midyear changes:

  • Contact the Trust Office: (833) 389-0027

To find an in-network provider:

  • PPO plan: Contact Regence at (866) 240-9580
  • HMO plan: Contact Kaiser Permanente at (800) 813-2000

For information about your prescription coverage:

  • PPO plan: Contact OptumRx at (844) 368-0083
  • HMO plan: Contact Kaiser Permanente at (800) 813-2000


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