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Tips for moving to a new healthcare plan

Sep 29, 2022


When you join the plan, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Your doctor

If you want to keep your current provider(s), check to make sure they will be in the network of the benefit program (Kaiser Permanente or Regence PPO) that you choose. In the case of Kaiser Permanente, you must see a Kaiser Permanente provider for your coverage to go into effect; in the case of Regence PPO, you will save money if you see network providers.  


Your prescription drug information will not be transferred to the plan. That means you will need to: 

  • Make sure you have enough: Be sure to refill your current medications so you have enough to last while you get new prescriptions or get mail order set up under the plan. 
  • Watch for your new card:  You’ll get a new plan ID card by the end of 2022 with both medical AND prescription drug coverage information. When you fill a prescription in 2023, use your new ID card. 
  • Check the new preferred drug list:  Check the plan’s preferred drug list (also called a formulary) to be sure you know how your prescription will be covered.   
  • Get preauthorization (if needed):  If you have a prescription that requires preapproval, when it’s time for a new prescription, you’ll need to get preauthorization from the plan. 

New benefit ID cards

Everyone enrolled in the Essential Worker Healthcare Trust will receive a new benefit member ID card. Please keep this card with you and show it to providers and at the pharmacy.  

2022 expenses

Any services you receive in 2022 will be paid by your current plan, even if the bills arrive in 2023. Contact your 2022 insurance provider with any questions about those claims.  

Plan year

The Essential Worker Healthcare Trust’s plan year begins and ends with the calendar year. Your annual deductible and out-of-pocket maximum will reset on January 1, 2023, even if your current plan year does not run with the calendar year.